Watch This: What’s there (Canadian Paralympic Committee)

February 05, 2014  |  Comments

This campaign promoting Canada’s Paralympic athletes launched Tuesday with print and digital ads following the messaging set out in the video spot below.

From the press release:

“When we look at Paralympic athletes, we can make the mistake of focusing on their disabilities, instead of their extraordinary abilities,” said Simon Craig and JP Gravina, Associate Creative Directors, BBDO Toronto. “This campaign forces the viewer to see all the amazing things that make these Paralympic athletes great. To catch them in the midst of competition is an awe-inspiring experience by any definition.”

The campaign shows the athletes’ strength in a unique way. Using a letterbox effect, the video focuses on only a select portion of each athlete at first. It only reveals their full identities at the very end of each scene, proof to the viewer that a Paralympian can be every bit as impactful in performance as an able-bodied athlete.

Agency: BBDO Toronto
Art director: JP Gravina
Copywriter: Simon Craig
Associate creative directors: Simon Craig, JP Gravina
Creative directors: Peter Ignazi, Carlos Moreno
Director: David Quinn
Production: Sons & Daughters
Music & Sound Design: RMW Music

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