Yukon Tourism calls city folk northward

April 25, 2012  |  Comments

Commuters in downtown Toronto are being thrust into the far north as part of a new Tourism Yukon campaign.

Street teams of can-can girls dressed in historical garb are at busy downtown areas greeting passersby next to images of the aurora borealis and the gold rush. Commuters are being asked to enter a contest for a road-and-air trip to the land of the midnight sun.

As well as a one-way flight and RV rental, the winner will receive a genuine Yukon gold nugget and $500 in gas coupons. Tourism Yukon has partnered with Air North, the RV Rental Association of Canada, CanaDream, Fraser RV, Cruise Canada and the Klondike Visitor’s Association in Dawson City.

The contest is part of a $400,000 wilderness- and gold rush-themed tourism campaign by Whitehorse agency Outside the Cube. The campaign is housed online at a special microsite but includes cinema, billboard, transit shelter, print, social media and digital advertising.

Ads with headlines such as “Side effects may include: travelling back in time” and “Side effects may include: an adrenalin rush” are running in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Dee Enright, president and CEO of Outside the Cube, said the campaign targets 35-to-65-year-old, well educated “explorers” who “like culture and adventure and want to experience things.”

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